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Bristow S-92A Modifications

Installation of Lower Cargo Shelf and Cargo Restraint Nets

An additional lower cargo shelf is installed within the confines of the existing cargo compartment.

The additional lower cargo shelf is installed between frames at Sta.462 and Sta.500 using six attachment fittings; three on each side.

The lower cargo shelf is of composite honeycomb construction with aluminium alloy edging and mounting fittings incorporating rotable corrosion resistant steel locks to secure the shelf in position.

The shelf attachment pin / lock combination allows the shelf to float whilst still being securely located without inhibiting movement of the aircraft fuselage.

Mounted securely on the loading ramp immediately below and central to the lower shelf is a storage box constructed from composite honeycomb panels and aluminium alloy extruded section.

Fittings are provided in the lower face of the existing shelf, the upper face of the additional lower shelf and on each side of the fuselage for mounting the transverse and longitudinal cargo restraint net.