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AW189 Foldable Cargo Bay Ladder

A ladder modification has been designed and certified by the Bristow Helicopters Limited EASA Approved Design Department (EASA.21J.135), primarily designed for aircraft equipped with the Leonardo Extended Heavy-Duty Cargo Compartment; however, the design can be adapted to accommodate other Leonardo AW series aircraft.

Two variations of the ladder have been developed: one specifically designed to accommodate Oil & Gas operations and the other to address the needs of the air ambulance/VIP role.  

The modification introduces an integrated lightweight aluminium foldable ladder attached to the floor in the cargo/baggage compartment portside door area. When not in use, the ladder is stowed vertically within the door aperture and is locked in place to prevent lateral and vertical movement during flight.  The cargo compartment volume is not compromised by the ladder installation due to its position within the door aperture; however, the maximum cargo loading limitations are slightly reduced to compensate for the mass of the ladder installation. The overall OEM certified maximum allowable weight within the cargo compartment is not changed.

The design accommodates changes in ground to cargo bay height/weight on wheels variations.

Placarding is placed in conspicuous locations providing operational instructions.