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Bristow Technical Services Ltd, part of the Bristow Group, provides technical support services to the global helicopter industry. This includes our World-renowned Design expertise which specialises in designing and certifying modifications to comply with the stringent numerous regulatory jurisdictions and environmental requirements.

For 66 years, our considerable technical capabilities have supported all types of flight operations, across all continents.

The Bristow Design Office has developed a wide range of system solutions and modifications for the Bristow fleet and for external Third-Party customers including both the military, and civil search and rescue operators.

Whether supporting Bristow group aircraft (Global fleet) or for Third Parties transforming Customer concepts into reality – The Design Organisation work collaboratively with all their customers to create a solution that is innovative, meets regulatory certification standards and is based upon extensive operational knowledge acquired over many years.

As a well-established mature Design and Certification Department numerous innovations have been produced, many of which have since been adopted by the regulatory authorities / OEM’s as industry standards, with several OEM’s commissioning us to develop safety systems which are incorporated into production line aircraft.

Design and certification disciplines cover avionics, mechanical installation, structures, stress analysis and full technical publications.

Below is an example of a small number of Bristow design achievements:

  • Integrated Health & Usage Monitoring System (IHUMS)
  • Emergency Exit Lighting System (EXIS)
  • Automatic Deployment of Emergency Location Transceiver (ADELT)
  • External Life-raft Systems (Retro fit and for OEM Initial build)
  • Automatic Float Deployment System (AFDS)
  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS II)
  • Dual Hoist Systems

Our Design Office continues to develop ground breaking systems to meet the demands of any operational aircraft, in any role:

“Achieving aviation history and advancing aviation safety,” as quoted by Royal Dutch Shell.

Technical Services in conjunction with Rockwell-Collins has developed, certified and embodied TCAS II on AS332L1, EC225, S-92A and S-76 aircraft.

For additional information on our modification work or to discuss your requirements, please contact Mr. Kelsey Williams – Commercial Manager ( or Mr. Paul Nouch – Head of Design (