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Bristow Uplift

Bristow Uplift Bristow Group is committed to ensure the safety of our clients and responsible operations in the communities in which we live and work. Through our corporate social responsibility program called Bristow Uplift, we align these business practices with social investments that will make a positive difference, build strong community relationships, and create long-term value for our business. Bristow engages in philanthropic activities around the world.

Guiding Principles

Through Bristow Uplift, we invest our resources and partner with local communities, charities and non-profit organizations to develop, support and implement targeted and sustainable social responsibility initiatives.

  1. We promote employee and business unit charitable giving and active participation in local communities.
  2. We give preference to well-planned initiatives that directly affect those in need and are supported by engaged employees.
  3. We encourage initiatives that have a significant effect on the community, are coordinated in partnership with the community and strengthen Bristow’s reputation and community involvement.
  4. We support charitable giving and community activities around issues that matter most to our clients and stakeholders.
  5. We value our grantees as equal partners and we treat them – and our program beneficiaries – with respect.
  6. We demand of ourselves and our partners the highest levels of safety, integrity and ethical behavior, excellence and innovation, efficiency and open communication.
  7. We help through employee involvement, in-kind resources and financial support.


Bristow Uplift Matching Gifts Website (employees and Board of Directors only)