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Bristow has made the commitment to zero harm to the environment. Bristow has a long history of attentiveness to environmental concerns with high compliance rates that are above average for the industry. Bristow has brought new levels of commitment, energy and focus to our commitment, with our environmental activity becoming more proactive and innovative. Our efforts have resulted in improved performance around environmental stewardship with efforts to maintain a perfect record on the rise across the global organization.

Reducing the “carbon footprint” from Bristow’s operations has included initiatives such as minimizing “ground runs” (engines started and run as part of a maintenance action), eliminating unnecessary periods of engine operation (such as idling engines while waiting for flight clearance), and monitoring gross emissions of CO2 toward reduction of the annual total.

Following are examples of our activities:

  • Advanced technology for fuel transfer to eliminate spillage
  • Noise management to eliminate any nuisance
  • Auditing all operating bases’ approved environmental plans
  • Computer based training on environmental safety
  • Retraining personnel on spill prevention and response
  • “Best practices” in place to stop pollution of storm water
  • Collecting rainwater and planting CO2 absorbing trees