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Safety Innovation

Since the early ‘50s, Bristow led the helicopter transportation industry on safety improvements that benefited the entire offshore transportation industry.

  • First to develop and field HUMS (Health Usage Monitoring System) for North Sea helicopters- with partner GEC-Marconi. HUMS became an industry standard for military, commercial and civil aviation; and is required by the CAA for many applications in passenger transport helicopters.
  • First to develop, test and evaluate HOMP (Helicopter Operations Monitoring Programme) for flight quality (safety) assurance - with partners CAA, Smiths Aerospace, Shell Aircraft and others. HOMP is now an industry standard in North Sea offshore transportation, and being replicated as FOQA (Flight Operations Quality Assurance) and HFDM (Helicopter Fight Data Monitoring) for helicopters in the US and elsewhere.
  • First to develop advanced analytical techniques, increasing the value of data derived from HUMS - with industry partner Smiths Aerospace.
  • First to develop and obtain FAA certification of an innovative, low cost, light-weight, flight data recorder suitable for small helicopters - with avionics partner Appareo Systems– that enabled routine, digital data collection and analysis by software called ALERTS.
  • First to develop and certify a TCAS II (Traffic-alert Collision Avoidance System) for large helicopters – with industry partner Rockwell-Collins. Created a new standard for collision avoidance safety in large helicopters.