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Through its affiliate Sky-Futures, Bristow offers a global UAV inspection service to the oil and gas industry. UAV service solutions help clients to achieve cost savings and further efficiencies in their operations. The inspections completed by professionally trained UAV remote pilots are safer, faster and more cost efficient than traditional visual inspection techniques such as rope access or scaffolding. Approved by the FAA and the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Sky-Futures team of highly experienced remote pilots and inspection engineers can provide a range of inspections including live flare stacks, splash zones, decommissioning, general topside work and under deck, using HD video, still and thermal imagery. The data is analyzed, processed and delivered through Sky-Futures data reporting platform called Expanse. Sky-Futures recently completed a UAV inspection of two, live offshore flare tips for a major oil client which was estimated to have saved the client approximately $35 million by avoiding an unscheduled shutdown.

For questions about UAV inspection services, please visit the Sky-Futures website at